Diving Point Honda - Massive Boulders of Jade

During the commercial fishing off season in the 1950’s original founder of The Shell Shop, Lawrence Thomas worked with Dean Tyler and salvage diver Ernie Porter. They obtained a special permit to salvage dive the Point Honda Navy disaster site. They were salvaging the huge brass valves and piping to sell as scrap metal. One of the interesting items they kept from this wreckage is the anchor displayed outside The Shell Shop. This anchor was from The USS Chauncey and weighs over 1 ton! They also recovered the ships bells off the USS Delphy and The USS Young. The team of salvage workers had abundant challenges in overcoming the forces of nature in the ocean and the technicalities of bringing these massive items to land. Overall they salvaged about 60 tons of scrap brass from the destroyer wreckage. An interesting read about this disaster is Tragedy at Honda by Lockwood and Adamson. Another area this team salvaged was Jade Cove just North of us off Highway One. They brought up massive boulders of Jade to sell to collectors.