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Marine Sea Shells Since 1955 the Thomas family has owned and operated The Shell Shop in Morro Bay, California. This store specializes in marine sea shells and exhibits the largest selection of specimens on the Central Coast. Renowned throughout the world, The Shell Shop is the place to find Sea Clams, decorative corals, unique crafted sea shell jewelry and shells of all types.

The extensive selection of jewelry is entirely crafted from sea shells imported from many tropical areas of the world.

On display you will find marine sea shells, corals, shell handicraft items and reference books. Unique collector specimens such as the well-known "Golden Cowry," Cypraea aurantium, "Glory of the Sea," and the rarities Cypraea fultoni and Murex loebbecki are displayed in glass cases.

Giant Clams

Here you will find the
Central Coast's largest selection of:

  • Marine Sea Shells
  • Collector's Specimens
  • Decorative Corals
  • Sea Clams
  • Shell Handicrafts
  • Shell Jewelry
  • Shell Night Lights
  • Shell Wind Chimes

Marine Sea Shells From their travels to many places around the world, the Thomas family has made personal contacts for their marine specialties. Sea shells, mostly by-products of the fishing industry, and related items are imported from over 22 countries. Over the years, this shop has become the place for regular Morro Bay visitors to meet their friends and is always a pleasant place to browse. You too are invited to come in and experience the many wonders of the sea.

Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas

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The Shell Shop
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